Kazakhstan Unrest: Internet Cut

Internet 2.0 might be cut, but Internet 3.0 built on crypto and WiFi sharing is not. The tyrants will slowly wake up to the fact they cannot take everyone’s cellphones. Well, they could, but then they would really release the Hounds from Hell:


Internet services in the country have been disrupted since Tuesday. By Wednesday, internet monitoring group NetBlocks reported that Kazakhstan was “in the midst of a nation-scale internet blackout”.

It came as thousands of people took to the streets, despite a state of emergency in the capital Nur-Sultan, in Almaty, and in the western province of Mangistau.

In Almaty, protesters gathered at the mayor’s office before eventually storming it. Videos on social media showed a plume of smoke rising from the building, while gunfire could also be heard.

NYT Headline: Live Updates: Russia Sends Troops to Kazakhstan as Dozens of Protesters Are Killed

Subheadline: A revolt sparked by anger over a surge in fuel prices is convulsing the Central Asian nation. As protests turned deadly, troops from a Russian-led alliance began arriving in the country.


MOSCOW — Paratroopers from a Russia-led military alliance began arriving in Kazakhstan on Thursday to restore order after a night of protests in the Central Asian country turned violent, with the police reporting that dozens of antigovernment demonstrators had been killed and hundreds injured.

The foreign soldiers were dispatched after the city hall in Almaty, the country’s largest city, was set ablaze, and the airport was overrun by an angry mob. The police opened fire on the demonstrators, some of them armed, but also accused them of killing 13 officers and leaving 353 injured.

The reports of deaths could not immediately be independently confirmed.