Keeping graphs?


From the third part of the knowledgebase:

Peter Lynch suggested a monthly graph of stock price vs trailing earnings (bolding mine) on a log scale map, which I have found very helpful. I scale it so that if the stock is twenty times trailing earnings the price and the earnings graphs will overlap (he set his scale at fifteen times, but he invested in huge companies). That gives you a quick visual perspective of whether the stock is cheap, reasonably priced, or wildly priced, and also give a nice visual of how fast earnings are growing that you can compare with your other stocks, as you use the same scale for all of them.

Starting with a new stock, go back through at least two years of quarterly reports and pull off at least adjusted earnings and revenue… (more)

Since so many of the SaaS companies do not have earnings yet, do you still keep these graphs?

If not, do you graph something else instead?

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