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Feeling rather foolish…I’m still unsure of myself after reviewing all the posts I can find regarding monthly graphing of TTM vs stock $. Has anyone ever posted a link to an example of what such a graph would look like?

Thank you in advance for some guidance.


I can send you examples if you want to email me directly.
I’ll take a few photos of the handwritten ones and send them to you.

I had to ask questions when pulling them together first as well so don’t worry.

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Thanks AJ. Just replied to you personally (I think).

AJ, can you share it somewhere like Google Apps or Flicker. If a “Word” file, then you can paste it in as a JPG (I assume). On Flicker or such it would be a photo. Then we could post a link over on the side.…

here is an example of a Peter Lynch chart provided by the GuruFocus service (I did the free sign up, not sure if you can see it without it).
It does not quite seem right, not sure what earnings they use. Also, you can tweak the "Price at P/E(w/o NRI)= " as described in the article to adjust for a fast, medium or slow growing stock. (NRI = Non-Recurring Income I assume)

Lynch uses a chart to map the price and earnings per share, aligning $1 in earnings with $15 in stock price. The optimal time to purchase a stock is when price falls below the earnings line.

LGIH looks more interesting,id:price,s:…

See my post #8239 on this board. There is a google link with a few charts in that post.

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See my post #8256 on this board.