Keeping threads shorter

Saul is in considerable pain from his broken arm…, so I’m writing this for him. Thanks for understanding and helping out.


Let’s please end the “Zoom Outage” thread. I think we’ve covered it, but we don’t want it to keep cluttering up the board.

Let’s also cool it on the Snowflake IPO thread. There have been some GREAT posts there, but now it’s become a lot of back and forth with questions and answers. This really isn’t a good format for that, because we get so many posts, things get crossed up, and some people haven’t read them all and questions start to get asked and answered more than once.

I don’t want anyone to be afraid to post, but please, before you post, first learn as much as you can via Google etc, and try to be an informed interlocutor. Please refrain from one liner posts. Be concise, but make your case thoroughly and clearly, so that if someone responds, it will be an informed response rather than clarification questions.

In summary: fewer posts, but higher quality. Thanks for your help with this everyone!