Key Posts from the first 1500, #8

This was post # 35 on this board and answers some questions that give some insights as to my feelings about investing. I think you’ll find it useful.

…more clarity to why Saul missed his destiny as a hedge fund manager?

I could never be a Hedge Fund manager, nor would I want to be. I couldn’t do what I do managing billions of dollars, and I would find it a nightmare. Also I have no special training, no MBA, no accounting training, etc. I’m just an investor who has developed a method that works for me. I was actually a physician until I retired in 1996.

After all, there are an enormous number of potentially investable stocks out there… how did you decide to pick what you did?.. there are huge numbers of stocks that fulfill that criteria.

I don’t think or claim that I picked the “best” stocks out of that universe of investable stocks, nor that I handled the investment in the “best” way. Look, your portfolio was up 70% in 2013, which was better than me. What I’ve done is picked stocks out of that universe that allowed me to average 32% per year for a long, long time. That works for me.

May I ask what are your top 5 highest potential stocks as we now sit…not your top holdings but instead the top potential.

Look, if I knew which five would do best I’d only invest in five instead of twenty-five. I’m a poor predictor. Who would have thought that BOFI, a bank, would be up over 100% on the year, or that ELLI would barely have budged? Not me.…