KIM Increased Its Annual Dividend By 10%

I completely missed this announcement which was buried in the July 28, 2022 2nd quarter earnings/FFO press release at page iii:…

So an increase from $0.80 to $0.88 annually. Yield is now 4.1% based on Friday’s closing price.

Quarterly FFO increased by 17.6% vs the 2nd quarter of 2021.

Increased 2022 FFO projects to a range of $1.54 to $1.57. That would place the dividend to FFO ratio at 57%. Pretty conservative for a REIT. I like it.

Long KIM for over ten years now.


KIM is long been on my “look closely after the total market crash” list, and now I think we may be getting to the beginning of the end on my waiting period. See METAR, especially Wendy’s Sunday post, for the most recent specific details.

I’d love, LOVE!, to pick up KIM at a big discount, but it may never happen.

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