Kindle app, Kindle library, "Send To Kindle" and PDFs

Ok, I don’t get it. I can send a PDF to all my Kindle devices (both Kindle readers and iPads running the Kindle app) using the “Send To Kindle” app from my Windows PC, and it has the option to “archive document in your kindle library” as this pic screenshot shows:

If I do this more than once with the exact same PDF, I get duplicate pdfs available on all my devices (even the ones that I didn’t click the check box to deliver them to when I did the Send To Kindle action.

Yet, when I check my Kindle library via Amazon Kindle: Your free personal library you can take anywhere, the PDF is no where to be found. What gives?

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I’m not familiar with the Amazon link you provided … seems like the same kind of demented display as on the Kindle itself, only bigger.

I do use the digital content page at Amazon for managing downloads and such.
(Requires login)

For managing content local to my PC I use Calibre

which seems to do a good job of knowing where things are and managing collections and downloads.


Thanks. That "digital-console/contentlist’ link you gave does indeed show all my PDFs if I click the “docs” option. That’s a big relief and does indicate that my PDFs are stored safe and sound in my Kindle library in Amazon’s great big bag of storage in the “cloud”. I now wonder if there is a limit to how much space I am allowed take up? Is there a limit? 5 GB, 10 GB, etc., or would I eventually have to pay for the privilege if I go over the free limit?

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