Kitchen shelf organizer rack

Anyone have experience with the roll out wire racks for kitchen cabinets? Like this:…

I have a double door cabinet, and I’m tired of reaching to the back to get things.

Those are ok, for standard sizes. You can order custom pullout racks from ( where they make them in wood to your exact specs to 1" or 1/2" dimensions for weird situations, with high or even variable/sloping sides.

My builder left me with a cabinet under my cooktop without any shelves, because the cooktop downdraft fan unit and vent pipe had to go through the kitchen floor. Unit took up 1/2 of the cabinet. I ordered a custom pullout shelf to go in the limited / weird space that was left. Fit perfectly, allowed some vertical standups for casserole dishes/etc, made a dead space usable.


Have had them in two houses. They will decrease the amount of stuff you can store in your cabinets. You absolutely need models that are full extension. Finally look at lots of brands/options. At least one version deals with a center post by cutting the post and screwing it to the door. So the post become a part of the door - not a part of the cabinet face frame. This increase the usage shelf space by 5 or 6 inches depending on your specific shelfs.

If you want to get a feel for the storage issue, mark some pieces of paper the size of the pull outs you are considering (inside dimension) and see what you can put inside the marks.

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They will decrease the amount of stuff you can store in your cabinets.

Depends how you look at it. While they take a couple inches as installed, they make the deep part of the cabinet accessible so you can store - and retrieve - more stuff much more easily.

When we redid this kitchen we put them in 6 of the lower cabinets, and we curse ourselves that we didn’t do the other two, because getting on your knees to find something is a drag, so we tend not to use those cabinets as much.

Our shelves are wood and were factory installed, but the ones in the OP look sturdy and the glides look good. I’d go for it.

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Six years ago, we got Shelf Genie ( to do all of the lower cabinets in our kitchen, except under the sink, and are happy with the result.

Two were were blind corner cabinets, for which there is a special solution. It consists of two perpendicular shelves. Shelf number one is pulled out into the room, and shelf number two is pulled into the space previously occupied by shelf number one.


“…getting on your knees to find something is a drag”

Exactly. Especially with cast iron.

I have side-by-side cabinets: 15x21.5" each, 23" deep. Might look at a double-decker.

Good idea about drawing a template and seeing what it might fit.