I thought I would share this startup company that provides data visualization tools, functionality, dashboards, etc for investors :


From their website -

"Koyfin provides a powerful tool to analyze financial statements of every US-listed stock. All income statement, balance sheet and cash flow items are included, in addition to other template views such as Financial Highlights, Enterprise Value, Valuation, Profitability and Liquidity and Long-term Solvency.

We allow users to create charts of fundamentals like revenue or EBITDA margin for one company or several companies in one chart.

Sometimes a simple historical price graph is not enough. Koyfin features advanced graphing features such as intraday price, scatter plot, correlation analysis, long/short performance, and normalized performance graphs.

Every chart is interactive so you can zoom in or zoom out by scrolling your mouse. Charts also have annotation tools so you can draw trend lines, calculate % change between two points, or create text.

Koyfin is currently free for personal use while we are expanding into other asset classes and building more analytics. In the future, we plan to provide a free version and a paid version with more features and advanced functionality."