Company Financial Data Service

This is a request for recommendations from the community. I am seeking a service that aggregates public company financials and makes them available in a graph-able (and preferably downloadable) way, going back for at least ten years. My broker doesn’t have such information on their site. As far as I know, TMF doesn’t either. The closest I have found is a site called It is alright, but not as configurable as I would like. It is also ad-supported, which is irritating to use regularly. I’m looking for something in the few hundred dollar a year price range.

Thank you for any suggestions you have.

-S. Hughes

Value Line has that info with graphs. Not sure if downloadable. Reports available free at my library.

Standard and Poors also has reports with that info.

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Hi SmoothHughes

You might try Koyfin or Tikr. Koyfin is probably the better bet, I think charting on Tikr is weaker but improving.

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