Some more info on KRED

Paul Knopick via
7:58 AM (2 hours ago)

to mmh85
Michael: This interview talked a lot about their future. Financial information always available at OTCMarkets.Com. Put in stock symbol and click on financial information and filings. Nutritional information available at . I have attached a Corporate Profile about the Company that you might find of interest.

Paul Knopick

The above Paul Knopick is the investor info person for KRED. I contacted him yesterday and he responded. Anyone what wants a copy of the above referenced overview, ask and I’ll post it on your email. It presently sits on my desktop. I believe a few posts back, I included a youtube interview address that was decently done.
PS not raising the flag for this stock as I bought all I am going to buy at this point. I’m just trying to help others get info on it for their decision. It’s very early stage of development but then, I like health stuff. When I get a chance, I"ll buy some of their product and report back but it is no where to be found down here in sunny MX.

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