I don’t know…I don’t see that anything has changed with this company other than more good news. So here’s the CEO talking about his share price dropping (I’m down 38% on my small position and not worried). I think of it this way…there’s a risk here and how will it show itself? Probably via volatility so when volatility hits, what shall I do? Not sell since I knew this going in; maybe buy if all signs point up; maybe do nothing if I am undecided on where the signs are pointing.)

Anyway, I’m not sure what the big deal is on KRED other than whether I should buy more or not.

And on AEYE, here’s what I thought when I bought in; if this is a scam, why would the guy sell his product to the state where his father is a senator (you have to assume his father had something to do with this)? Or would two other senators be on his board if he was a scammer? Wouldn’t they investigate? And so we are to believe either he’s a scammer and is trying to bring down his father and two other senators (along with his brother who works in the company) or really, he has a product that is valuable to government agencies and will be successful if he knows what he is doing. The risk, (IMO) is not that he is a scammer but rather, he doesn’t know how to handle potential success. Still a risk but of a different nature.

So I’m in on this one and holding, like Saul.
PS Saul, don’t stop with your musings. We all know if we make a mistake it is on our own head. The transparency you bring to investing as a successful investor, has way more value than any bad choices we might make. Or, if you want to stop being transparent on the boards, at least send me emails privately :slight_smile: (Just kidding.)
Here’s the letter the CEO just sent to share holders and I copied for your reading pleasure. He addressed directly the price drop.
Dear KonaRed Shareholders:

We have received a number of messages from concerned investors about the recent decrease in our stock price (OTCBB/OTCQB: KRED).

We are always asked: What is the reason? Quite frankly, this befuddles us as much as it does you. Sometimes snowballs roll downhill and gain a momentum of their own. But this is beyond frustrating since this snowball never should have started rolling in the first place.

The Business of your Company has never been in better shape. We are projecting that 2014 sales will double over our previous year. We have placed our beverages and wellness products on the shelves of some of the most prestigious retailers in the U.S. These efforts continue today as we expand distribution within our existing retail partners and seek to add new key accounts.

Mr. Robert Nistico, CEO of our distributor partner Splash Beverage Group, characterizes our prospects as follows:

"We have been very impressed with the interest in KonaRed among major retailers and distributors across the country. Placements and authorizations continue to increase each month. We see a bright future for KonaRed as availability grows and consumers experience KonaRed for themselves.

The partnership between our two organizations is virtually brand new and we are making good progress … a good brand that delivers its promise; good tasting liquid and good people is almost always a winning combination."

So far this year we have lots of good news - and no bad news - and we hope this letter addresses any concerns you may have about the direction of your Company. I know we hear often from you on how much you like our products. We want you to like us as an investment as well, and will stay the course as we build out what we see as becoming a fantastic business and a fantastic company.

I am pleased to share some of the recent milestones we have accomplished:

* Our consumer product sales for the first six months of this year grew 64 percent to $782,620 and our total revenues increased 24 percent to more than $918,000. The momentum is headed in the right direction. However, we're not complacent and our entire team is pushing hard to move growth along faster.

* We recently announced expansion into the New York City metropolitan area, the capital of consumer spending in our country. If you are in Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn or Staten Island, as we round out distribution, you can enjoy KonaRed everyday.

* Your Company's products are in more than 2,100 Walmarts nationwide. We support our product with in-store demonstrations, including handing out a free taste sample, which has proven important in increasing sales. For the many of you who have taken the time to write or call about our products, you know that one taste can turn you into an immediate fan.

* We are about to launch in many Kroger banners, including Kroger family stores like Ralphs and Fred Meyer. You can also find us in select Whole Foods, Safeway and 7-Eleven, among many other stores. Nature's Best now distributes our supplement products, such as 100% Hawaiian CoffeeBerry® Powder in 16oz. tubs.

* KonaRed nutritional products are also available in select Vitamin Shoppe locations nationwide, as well as []( This expands our brand to wellness consumers in a new class of trade, even beyond the traditional grocery or convenience stores in which we have made so much progress.

* We get lots of calls and e-mails about finding the product and we're happy to help. So we've made it very easy for everyone with our store locator online. Simply put your location into []( and you'll be enjoying our products in a short period of time.

* A key to our growth is a sales and marketing agreement we executed in April with Splash Beverage Group. They are simply the best at what they do. One of their executives, deeply involved with KonaRed, is noted for his success as one of the chief architects marketing Red Bull in North America. And we all know how well that turned out. We couldn't have better experienced partners.

If you have a few minutes, I'd like to speak to you directly. Please put []( into your browser so that you can see me, my passion and, I hope, my honest approach to marketing.

It's also worth stating that we do not control the market and are not a 'concept company'. We are a value play. We hope investors will understand that we are building the base for substantial returns over a period of years, not days or months. For investors who have a very short term-high return expectation, we might not be the right stock for them. What we are building is real and as such requires time for execution. We're keeping investors up to speed by fully disclosing all the solid things we are now achieving.

In conclusion, I can report with complete confidence that our fundamentals are strong and we see a positive outlook for KonaRed. We ask for your patience as we grow and hope we will have your continued support.