Kudos to Saul - RDVT nearly doubles revenue

Red Violet saw revenues nearly double in its Q4 earnings report - seasonally, usually a slower quarter - and swung to positive EBITDA on higher gross profits.

Q4 revenues rose 92% to $9.1M; that left full-year revenues up 86% to $30.3M.

The Q4 net loss of $4.9M included share-based compensation expense of $4.6M.
EBITDA rose to $0.8M vs. a prior -$1M.

The company says EBITDA for Q1 is pacing toward $2M (more than all of 2019).


I just listened to the call, and they sounded very confident for the upcoming year as well. They will beat all of last year, which was stellar according to the numbers, in the current quarter! No questions on the call. Maybe they are still too small for analysts to pay any attention to? I would wonder what impact they are predicting to real estate sales by covid 19. Truly amazing results. Makes me wonder if they will sell off again tomorrow. Crazy times.


I read the transcript and wondered why no questions too. Did they announced the presence of analysts or other listeners on the call? You know, “and thanks to Joe Blo from Morgan Stanley, Billie Joe Jim Bob of Fatback Investments …” Anything?

Their announcer did set aside time for questions, and they waited for a minute or so, then they said, "It looks like we have no questions, so we will end the conference call.

They’re too small to have analysts with questions. Tough to say who else was there.

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