LanzaJet SAF jet fuel and diesel from fermentation ethanol

C&EN is reporting that LanzaJet is receiving a $50MM grant from Breakthrough Energy to build an ethanol to jet fuel plant in Soperton, GA. It will open in 2023 and produce 41MM liters of jet fuel and 4.5MM liters of renewable diesel per year.

LanzaJet is headquartered in Deerfield, IL “LanzaJet was formed through the contributions of our investors LanzaTech, Suncor, Mitsui, along with support from ANA. We continue to accelerate our growth through new partnerships and have recently welcomed British Airways and Shell as our latest investors.”

BreakthroughEnergy is a Bill Gates organization

This is probably the most practical SAF technology. Conversion of fermentation ethanol to ethylene is well known technology as is oligomerization to make alpha olefins. They propose to hydrogenate to saturated hydrocarbons. Oligomerization gives a schmere of products which can be separated by distillation to suitable product ranges.

Fermentation ethanol can be made from corn or a wide variety of grains or starches like potato peelings. Sugar is usually fastest but even waste soft drinks can work.

“More than anything, we will succeed because of the network of partners we bring to this effort. The investors, philanthropists, corporate and policy leaders who are part of the Breakthrough Energy ecosystem – it will take all of us to compel the major market changes we need to create the future we want for the world.”

Bill Gates

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