Laptop OEMs unimpressed with Intel's latest mobile offerings

This sounded really promising for AMD, honestly. Although if it means less capacity is available to go into the AI data center parts, I dunno… Server first, then mobile, then…

According to sources close to Moore’s Law is Dead, this delayed launch combined with overall lackluster performance is apparently driving laptop OEMs mad, to the point where most of them are rethinking next year’s configurations in order to include more next gen AMD processors.

To start things off, MLID provides a quote from an Intel contact that is responsible with OEM communications:

[…] I’d like to confirm that at least in some scenarios Meteor Lake is definitely performing below what our partners expected.

I am not sure what went wrong, it’s not my department, but in the past month my days have been filled with meetings with angry OEMs asking us why Meteor Lake is barely better than Raptor Lake in their testing.

One last quote comes from one of Intel’s biggest OEM partners and MLID underlines how shocking their negative comments are:

We won’t be supporting Meteor Lake in our products above what’s necessary to keep a satisfactory relationship with Intel, and we will be utilizing Hawk Point and Strix Point as quickly as possible next year with as much volume as they will give us…

We see the writing on the wall, it’s time to go 50/50 Intel/AMD in laptop as quickly as possible - we don’t want to get screwed over like this ever again.

MLID believes that these problems should have been taken into consideration ever since Intel signaled Meteor Lake for desktop is not happening. Moreover, Meteor Lake being almost on par with Raptor Lake-U/P/H should allow AMD to take the lead with Hawk Point with its 15% expected performance uplift over Phoenix and then half a year later Strix Point should add another 25-50% advantage even before Lunar Lake makes an appearance.