$LCID Adding Brick & Mortar Stores

Car Scoops headline: Lucid Adds Brick And Mortar Stores As Well As Pop-Up Locations In Effort To Connect With New Buyers


People who reserved Taycan EVs are invited to plush wine and cheese parties at dealerships where they too lay hands on a model they have ordered after seeing a film on the manufacturing of the Porsche model. Lucid is going for the same exclusive vibe as Porsche Taycan:

Lucid’s “Dream Ahead” tour kicked off at the Electrify Expo earlier this month in Long Beach, CA. It aims to provide reservation holders with the chance to see and experience the Air sedan up close and personal. In a statement to Automotive News, Lucid said that “Dream Ahead will give invited reservation holders time behind the wheel via a fleet of Lucid Air Grand Touring models.”

The word “invited” is a key one to keep in mind. This isn’t a full-blown store for just anyone to walk into. It’s built specifically for those who already have a $1,000 reservation for the Air Grand Touring or one for the Touring or Pure trim level. The Dream Ahead tour will make stops in Napa and Las Vegas as well as other cities across the nation, but Lucid hasn’t publicly stated where just yet.


Of course, the Dream Ahead tour isn’t the only way to experience the Air in person. Lucid has been hard at work opening new stores across the globe. Just this year, new locations in Munich, Germany, Denver, Colorado, and most recently, Seattle, Washington, have added to the brand’s presence. It sounds like those stores are making an impact too.

p.s. I just went to their website and looked over the stores and service centers already open. Let’s say there are about 3 dozen open. A little over a dozen more service centers/studios will open before this year end. I don’t know if the service center also acts as a sales studio as well.

I am surprised they have this many open already. These guys are behind on production for 2022 and the second half begins in a day: