Legacy dilemma #2 Unions

We have heard ad nauseum that Tesla is not a union shop. And, why.

The Union obstacle is bigger than just “within TSLA”.
Reportedly all GM and F plants in the US are Union? Stellantis, too?
TSLA is Agile in large part due to workers with innovative ideas NOT having to go through the union and/or chain of command.
Legacy automakers’ profit margins, development of new lines, innovation, etc, are constrained by Union rules.

Advantage TSLA? Maybe.
Maybe not?
As union workers imagine their sinecure jobs being “taken” by Tesla, I expect more aggressive vandalism to Tesla owners and Tesla property. I’ve seen references to vandalism at Tesla charging stations and infrastructure. For example see 16:45 minutes in the video below.

Electrified / Dylan Loomis (spelling?). At about 3:30 to 8 minutes, describes union controlled ports. Yeah. The choke points where stuff is imported, are UNION CONTROLLED.


Dylan says that the unions will renegotiate the port contracts on July 1st, 2022, and PERHAPS weaponize union slowdowns and strikes pre and during negotiations.
Ie supply chain issues, due solely to Union narcissism.
How difficult would it be to selectively slow down port processes for, say… Tesla, but not for others?

On the political front, Unions own a chunk of the US Swamp. Unions are linked, and not just in the automaker factories. As an example, many delivery companies (UPS, FedEx, etc) are teamster shops. What if the drivers “strike” over driving EVs “in solidarity” with their u-bros in the legacy factories?
And - organized semi-truck drivers have, within the last week, wrought havoc in Toronto.

It’s gonna be an interesting ride.


This should help the government get stuff done.

February 7, 2022
11:21 AM CST
Last Updated 9 hours ago
Over 300,000 U.S. federal workers eligible for unions, White House say


Union support was important to Biden’s victory in several Rust Belt states in the Midwest and Northeast in 2020, and those voters’ choices in 2022 will play a key role in the midterm congressional and gubernatorial elections.

ralph had a positive union experience back in the 80s.
Like so many things, Unions “can” be a force for good, a force for bad… and both at the same time.

While the idea behind unions is good the execution is often criminal.

The day we arrived in NYC on an immigrant ship from Marseilles, France in September 1946 the stevedores were on strike* and the ship was not allowed to dock. My very ingenious mother managed to get us on shore by feigning she was sick. My first encounter with the Empire State Building and CocaCola.

NYC - Caracas was a 16 hour flight with stops in Puerto Rico and Curaçao on what was most probably a PanAm Douglas DC-4.


Denny Schlesinger

  • A favorite time to go on strike was on the imminent arrival of banana boats. Bananas rot fast! Perfect timing for blackmail tactics.
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