Letter to IR at ABMD

Because of the problems with figuring out adjusted earnings at ABMD, which I and some others have commented on, I wrote the following to the IR director:

Hi Ingrid, Could you please, please, PLEASE, ask your CFO to give Adjusted as well as GAAP figures (adding back stock-based compensation and other clearly one-time events). It’s very awkward to have to wait for the SEC filings and then search for these things, while almost every other tech-oriented company reports their adjusted earnings as a matter of course. Hopefully, your new CFO will be more up to date, but if for some unfathomable reason he doesn’t want to do this, at a minimum he could include the quarterly stock-based compensation figures in the press release. Thanks so much,
Saul (Saul Rosenthal, stockholder in the company)

I was hoping that with a new, hopefully more up-to-date CFO we could get a more modern press release. The IR director wrote back:

Hi Saul, Thank you for the note. I appreciate your input and have passed along your request. Many thanks,
Ingrid Goldberg

Now we’ll see.