LGIH Down Today

LGIH has been on a downward trajectory all day. Down over 5%. No news found. Just one of those days.

Probably due to this odd alert that was in my TD Ameritrade news feed for LGIH:

September 29, 2016
9:41 am ET
*Watch for Near-Term Weakness in Housing Stocks as Hearing Chatter Pending Home Sales Data for Aug. (Released at 10 a.m. EDT) Will Be Weaker Than Expected

But nothing else ever came out. Just a whisper rumor. Amazing what spooks a market enough to move a stock that much.


There may be some fall out from this storm. Labor already tight may be pulled to the east coast. Also lumber, shingles and other building materials.

If a person were trading, he might be selling builders and buying Timber RIETS and building supply companies.

Notice the large number of weasel words in the first sentence.