LGIH trading position

Saul, and all,

I doubled my LGIH after the January sales announcement. Now 14% holding. I didn’t get in as low as Saul, but still $27.85 and 27.86. We are now at $29.35. Recent pricing indicates to me that $30.00 is a reasonable possibility, but I’m up 5.4% right now and I’m tempted to cash in the trading position and not reach for another couple of % (this in my IRA). We have another week and a half of trading before the February sales will come out. I don’t want to be holding the trading position then. Well, there is no answer to this, too dependent upon personal circumstances. I think I’ll cash it in and wait for another opportunity. Avoiding the remorse of losing the gain trumps the remorse of missing out on additional gain.


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Toll brothers are leading builders higher. Existing home sales numbers are good as well. (Probably not affecting LGIH much)

If I was up 5% in a few days on 14% of my portfolio, I think I would also be contemplating recycling the funds to the next opportunity in the market. That’s something I’d like to do full time, and it won’t feel like real work either :slight_smile:

Might effect them - used homes are the traditional market for 1st time buyers. However, there is a shortage of resale properties, at least in the Seattle area. They may have been smart enough to take this into account when they selected where to site their communities.

New home sales number is disappointing. Might have more direct impact to LGIH.