Audience question, paraphrased: “Progressive metrics now substantially better than Geico. UP metrics better than BNSF. What the what?”

Abel (re BNSF): pure b-school word salad. “Couldn’t be happier. Excellent team. Admit work to do. Wouldn’t trade them. Great company. Etc” : all meringue

Jain (re GEICO): “Agree. They beat us to current technology. We’re on it. Give us a year”: OK. I can do that.

I liked the structure of one answer a lot better than the other.

hasn’t ever liked meringue


Agree! Abel’s word salad answer was so frustrating for me. Why not compare BNSF heavy capex with CXS capex-lite model. Please give us specifics!

Loved Jain’s answer. Basically, we are behind, but trying to catch up.