LIV Golf merges with PGATour

Phil Mickelson is a visionary.

PGA Tour convinced Japanese golf star Hideki Matsuyama to turn down
a $300 MM offer to join LIV. Hideki was recently spotted flying Spirit Airlines.

Phil Mickelson offers LIV spot to former Masters champ after seeing him fly Spirit Airlines | This is the Loop |


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This is entirely dominated by the Saudis. The SA wealth fund can buy up more of this merger later. The leader of the merged organization will be a Saudi. This is no longer an American sport management wise.

Hopefully the players and golf clubs will drop out and reform without the SA wealth fund. Why not? It is fraud on the wealth fund’s part to waste Saudi funds this way. Why belong to a fraudulent organization? Why believe a word of what is said when human rights abuses are what is being hidden in a public relations effort?

Time for pro golf to reorganize elsewhere.

Nothing is owe here.


It’s pro golf. It’s all about the money.

The only question is what happens to stars like Rory, Jon Rahm, Scottie Scheffler, and Collin Morikawa who remained loyal to the PGA Tour? If they’re not getting $200 MM to $300 MM lump sum payouts to join the new Saudi operation, maybe they should start their own tour.



Money…plus, plus, plusssss


Starting a tour is one thing. Getting a suc…sponsor to pour the money into it is another thing. Where they gonna find another Saudi PIF? UAE maybe?

The PGA was successful by itself and even against LIV Golf.

This issue in the next three years if the players and golf courses realign with the Saudis sue again? Can you just sue until you own something you never were even offered on sale? LIV Golf will never make money throwing money around that way. The next US golf organization will make money from day one.

If the players make noises now the major networks wont pay LIV/PGA much or sign them for longer term contracts. If the players and courses make no noise now then LIV/PGA will have the TV rights. It is now or never.

The big Hollywood talent agency Endeavor was looking at a $1 billion investment in LIV.


I saw a comment on Twitter that the PGA would cover holes 1-8 and 12-18 and SA would cover 9-11.


That certainly would have been a frittered away $1 b.

Rory now OK with the LIV money, but he still doesn’t like LIV golf.


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The actual tweet was (I included a screenshot because it’s the kind of tweet that often eventually gets deleted) -


The Saudis are making deals everywhere including with Iran.

I have a hunch we owe the Saudis there because that deadline for Iranian nuclear weapons has pasted uneventfully.

Note we got it right. Then we got it wrong. We can not be trusted because some of us are incredibly dumb.

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