PGA Tour star Jon Rahm takes $500 MM payday to join Saudi golf league LIV

That’s more than the entire prize money jackpot for the 44 PGA tour events held in 2023 ($460 million.)

Of course, there’s going to be very little left for the 100th best golfer in the world ( probably about what an adjunct professor makes at a community college.)

In other sports news, I saw a college football coach complain that it now costs $2 MM to pay a top quarterback to come to your school through the transfer portal.


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The Saudi’s are going to end up owning the PGA tour. They are handing out money like it’s penny candy, as it’s the deep pockets of the Saudi sovereign wealth fund behind this push. LIV and PGA probably merge within a couple of years, and the Saudi’s will be in control. Financially, a smart move by Rahm. The Saudi’s want to rehab/whitewash their image on the world stage, they have got money to burn, hard for the golfers to turn down.


According to this link, that would be over $1.7M. Not bad for a community college adjunct.

If you can keep your PGA tour card, i.e., be top 125, you can make a good living without ever winning a PGA event.

Many attribute this to the “Tiger Effect” that Tiger Woods increased the popularity of the sport and thus investments/pay outs.

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