Live video: Russian tank column ambushed

[Live video of attack at bottom: not just the aftermath, but actual (bullets flying) attack.]…

Russian tank column is repelled in devastating ambush as Moscow’s forces move ‘within a few miles’ of capital outskirts amid fears Mariupol and Kharkiv bombings are a sign of what is to come

Russia attacked Kyiv from west and east Wednesday, as analysts say battle for the capital is now underway

Dramatic video showed assault from Brovary, in the east, was ambushed by artillery and suffered heavy losses

Interior ministry said it was a ‘difficult night’ in Irpin, to the west of the capital, but Ukrainian forces were ‘counter attacking’ this morning with battles currently underway

Comes amid fears capital could soon come under heavy bombardment as Putin’s forces have done elsewhere

Strike in Mariupol yesterday killed three and wounded 17 at maternity hospital, while strike on Kharkiv overnight killed four, two of them children, with a five-year-old girl injured…

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