Living Off An Income Portfolio

A different perspective than most here. I seek and live off an income oriented portfolio, where hopefully the income provides the funds for me to live on and the excess to be reinvested for growth. Here are the figures
2017 year to date Portfolio +9.82%
2017 year to date income +42.67% VS Jan 1 to April 30 2016

2016 12 Months Portfolio +18.67%
2016 12 months Income +24.72% above 2015

Current projected income for 2017 based on current portfolio value is 7.43%
I expect to be able to reinvest more than half of projected income for portfolio growth that should increase income growth going forward.

I hope everyone reaches their goals going forward.



B&W, true, your perspective and methods are different from Saul’s, nevertheless I always read your posts with interest.

My situation is different from both yours and Saul’s. I retired in 2010 with a guaranteed benefits pension. That along with other current sources of income covers my current cost of living. If my investments suddenly went to zero I would be traumatized, but really it would not impact my lifestyle tomorrow. I invest and hope to build my portfolio because I recognize the ravishes of inflation (which has been abnormally low for the last several years). In other words, I’m acutely aware that without enhanced resources, my current lifestyle can not persist. And even if inflation remains low, there’s just the simple fact that I’m getting older. How long can I continue to cut my own grass? I don’t know, but I know there will come a time when I’ll need to pay someone else to do it.

I would love to be in your position. I would love to have a less risky portfolio such that I could comfortably live only on the distributions. But, I’m not there - yet. So, I’m willing to live with greater investment risk, at least for now. How long? Maybe as much as 10 years, I hope less.

Keep posting - I’m still learning.


Buyandwin, I’m sorry if you have shared this info on this board previously, but can you tell us whether your dividend producing investments are in index funds or mutual funds, or whether they are in individual dividend paying stocks? Also, if you are willing to share the actual funds or individual stock names, that would be very much appreciated.

Hi az5speedy

Yes B&W has shared these and they are mostly Stocks and MLP type investment companies. Here were the 8 that he shared in Q1 - there might have been a more recent update but the search facility seems to have now gone completely…



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Yes B&W has shared these and they are mostly Stocks and MLP type investment companies. Here were the 8 that he shared in Q1 - there might have been a more recent update but the search facility seems to have now gone completely…

Thank you Ant!

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Hi AZ5speedy:

Thanks for the inquiry. Here is the current portfolio and the results through April 30.

Jan 1 to April 30,2017 Results

Portfolio +9.82%
Income +42.67% above same time last year (About 60% of the increase was due to a merger of a stock I owned with no dividend to one that pays a dividend. Took place Mid May last year)

Income currently is about 7.5% per annum based on current portfolio value
92% of 2016 portfolio income received was in some way Tax Deferred.(IRA Income-MLP distributions-Other income designated as Return of Capital ROC-Such as HASI 90% ROC in 2014-77% ROC in 2015 and 100% ROC in 2016)
The biggest taxable event continues to be the RMD’s I have to to take out of my IRA’s
The portfolio currently consists of 9 securities-- they are and the current percentages of portfolio:

1)ARCC 16.5%
2) UTF 1.5%
3) ETE 13.5%
4) EVA 6.5%
5) GAB 20.5%
6) HASI 20.5%
7)LMRK 0.5% (New)
8)MLPX 20.0%
9) NRZ 0.5%
Cash is virtually nothing after paying taxes and giving gifts. Expecting large influx of cash on May 15 when the MLPs pay their quarterly distributions
There were no sales during April
Buys-Included a starting position in LMRK
Added to MPLX also added to HASI and dripped their dividend- and Dripped the ARCC and UTF dividends.
Also UTF and NRZ paid dividends on Friday that will be dripped into additional shares tomorrow

UTF and GAB are CEF’s
HASI and NRZ are REIT’s

We live entirely off our portfolios as we have no other income and have done so since my wife and I retired on July 1 2003 and after deducting our living expenses including FED and STATE taxes our portfolios are up about 13 to 14 Times original value of July 1 2003.
Currently I have built up the income to where I project with no further changes up or down this year I will have about 65% to70% excess income above expenses that will probably be reinvested.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions as to what I look for, I’ll try to answer.

good luck


Nice one B&W. One question over here. You have some large and some small positions. What are you looking to see/confirm/know more about etc with UTF or NRZ or EVA before you were to top up those positions as opposed looking at new holdings or growing your larger positions?

Are they simply not high attractively yielding or growing dividends enough to deserve top ups or are you seeing concerns in their performance that you need to see de-risked before commiting capital to bring them to full positions?



Hey, B&W and others,

Did you guys know there is a very, very, VERY active free Motley Fool Board on Retirement Investing with over 83,000 posts on it, and adding lots more every day. Here’s the link:
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Hi Ant:

I answered your post on the “Retirement Investment” board. If you and/or others are interested in continuing the discussion, it would probably be more appropriate to do so there, because it is a retirement strategy.


I answered your post on the “Retirement Investment” board.

Here’s a link to that post.…

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