B&W Portfolio 1/1/17 to 2/28/17

Portfolio Jan 1 2017 to Feb 28, 2017

Portfolio value +6.57%
Portfolio income received increased 28.82% over same time last year.

Portfolio income in 2016 was about 8% taxable and 92% tax deferred in some manner(Taxable dividends received in IRA’s-MLP distributions and ROC distributions received in Taxable accounts)
Biggest taxable event is RMD’s removed from IRA’s
I try to avoid capturing capital gains sales if possible.

Portfolio is basically similar to year end so No need to list securities unless someone wants them. I did raise cash up a bit to about 2% to cover taxes due in April. Will probably need more cash, so I holding off on reinvesting dividends/distributions until I get a better idea of what I will need.



Hi B&W - what’s your yield to date? I’ve figured mine out for Jan+Feb and will update my portfolio review with it.

Hi Ant:

Hi B&W - what’s your yield to date?/i>

Thanks for asking. That’s an interesting question, and got me to think about it

Here’s the answers (There are 2 answers)

After deducting expenses (I have to eat) 0.988% Yield to date.

Before deducting expenses (If I had another source of income) it would have been 0.984% yield to date.