Location of the "thumb like" link thingy

I surf TMF, 99% of the time, on my cell phone, held landscape.
The “thumb like” is EXACTLY where I touch the screen to scroll up, or down.

As a result, I am continually recording “like” and then “unlike” …
I’m sure that is calming for the topic authors, and instructive for the TMF algorithm.

Me? I find it annoying.



I’m sure the algorithm loves that.

I tried it myself and my thumb is to the right of the :+1: in both portrait and landscape and I’ll be if I asked a few others, they would be right on it, to the right and to the left of it…different phone sizes, different hand sizes, different cases - makes this one a challenge.

(I could hide the like button behind the three dots but I suspect that is an even worse option.)