Looks like the infrastructure bill is just getting started

I noticed that they are running fiber into my neighborhood now. Just 3 years ago they told me they would never get it here but with the infrastructure bill all things are possible.

** MILTON, Fla. โ€“ Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday announced he is putting $144 million in federal money toward expanding broadband access in 41 counties around Florida.**



I recall when they were asking for โ€œshovel ready projects.โ€

Everyone knows when Congress decides to fund something it can take years to hire people and start building. The lawyers look it over. The agency writes rules which go out for comments and discussion. Maybe one year to that point.

Then agencies in state or local entities can apply for grants. Again they get reviewed and some get funded in a while.

You can anticipate and do the engineering design work on the project ahead (if you have the funds are willing to take the risk). Most wait to begin that until the money arrives. Then you can apply for permits. Reviewed. Revised. etc. Approved. And then you can advertise for bids. Which get reviewed selected and funded. Finally construction begins.

Shovel ready? Dream on kiddo. Most politicians would be tarred and feathered for spending tax payer money carelessly.

Can we figure out how to do this better? Faster? Probably not. Everyone has to have input and the opportunity to object or request favors.


He is taking credit like a lamppost for a dog.

True Leap but he does have Florida state money in it also. But I am sure this never would have been done without the federal money.