Lost $200K WAR No Foolish Reply

Russia invades UKRAINE and Fool is silent!
Holding and not selling out I have lost over $200K by “not panic selling”. How far a fall in price does it take for a sell recommendation?
ASAN down 23% in 1 day. ASAN on 2/16/2022 was about $75. 2/22/22 ASAN was $60. Now 2/23/22 ASAN closed $46. that is a huge drop in 1 week of about 40%. ABNB is in a similar fall. FUBO was recommended 12/17/2020 and is down over 78% without a sell or a peep about the drop. FUBO is rated a B. “B” score indicates good relative ESG performance and an above-average degree of transparency in reporting material ESG data publicly and privately.
Redfin is down over 55 % but recommended by RB Sept 2020 and Real Estate Trailblazers Sept 2021 guidance is a buy but down a huge amount.

What does it take to get a response from FOOL?


I have a power lunch at IHOP with 6 family members to discuss the trading strategies,

After lunch I will get back to you.

See ya around the campus.

Quillnpenn - a professional Swing Trader in “Buying from the Scared, Selling to the Greedy”
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The answer is NONE from the FOOL.

Assuming you are a HODler (hanging on for dear life). The Pied Pipers are clueless and will not help you in your plight. You are responsible for your money, not theirs.

Please go to the following and kruz on down to Simon Sez III. The bottom line is if you follow the instructions, you should not even lose a single time.

Re: FUBO: Since the “V” you would have 16 out of 16 successful trades with zero (0) losses.
Re: RFDN: 17 out 17 successful trades

Been trading SPXL and APPL via Simon Sez III since February 2006 and May 2007. You can at your leisure backcheck.


Quill -

The Fools won’t respond because they create these automated boards once and let it rot. Most posts are user-generated and have little or no engagement from the management who can’t be bothered about bag-holders. Shame on MF.


Hi montyw47,

I suspect that you just don’t know where to look. I’d recommend checking out Motley Fool Live, particularly the Morning Show at 9-11am ET.

This is a public board. Posting on service specific boards or premium company discussion boards is going to get you more responses –



You may also want to check your settings. Perhaps you are not signed up for the emails from the services you are subscribed to.



What do you want TMF to say? Invading Ukraine was bad. Bad for the markets, bad for oil prices, bad for Ukrainians. I think we can all look back over the last 3 weeks and agree that what is happening in Ukraine is much worse and more pressing than any concerns we might have over our portfolios. And we are just as helpless to have any control from here over what is happening there as we have to stop the bleeding in on Wall Street.

But what would you want TMF to say? They have said, on Motley Fool Live, Backstage Pass, and in numerous emails sent to Premium Fools, that their Foolosophy of long-term (3-5 years or longer) buy-and-hold investing remains unchanged. It has been proven to hold true during the Great Recession, the Pandemic Recession (which I think was worse than this downturn) and numerous corrections.

The bottom line is Fools are encouraged to focus on their invested companies business performance, not their market performance. The relevant questions are how will they be impacted by higher energy prices and by inflationary pressures. Will they be forced to significantly change business operations as a result of global sanctions? And will those impacts and changes change your long-term (3-5 years or longer) investment thesis?

Ultimately, for most of the companies recommended for investment across the TMF Universe, the answer is no, and the advice to Premium Fools is to hold onto your portfolios and do not let short-term panic distract you from your Foolish strategy. We will come out of this on the other side and your portfolios will be stronger for the journey.

Not everyone here on this Freemium Community board buy into the long-term (3-5 years or) Foolosophy of investing. Whether you are a technical investor or swing trader (chart jockey), if you have a system that works for you, that’s great. Personally, I don’t think it means you have to denigrate anyone who invests differently from you, but for the time being, it’s a free country.

My guess is that if you were active in your Service Community, you would find there has been almost a daily drumbeat of reassurance and reiteration of Foolish principles. My guess is that the issue isn’t one of communication but of not liking what is being heard. Some Fools think that WAR must change Foolish thinking, that the tried and true go out the window and drastic measures must be taken.

That’s not what happened during the Great Recession, the Pandemic Recession or any of the corrections we’ve experienced over the last two decades. And for those who stuck to their Foolish investment strategy, they came out pretty well, if not spectacularly well. I cannot convince anyone of this who is not willing to hear anything other than what they know to be true, but that doesn’t make it any less so.

The bottom line is, whenever anyone points to market performance, I just want to know, how is the business doing? More often then not, there’s nothing anyone can point to in the business operation of the company to warrant panic selling. So hold on, invest more if you have the cash reserve, and hope that Russia will come to its senses and get the heck out of Ukraine.

Who by Russia means one specific Russian…

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