LVGO - Livongo

I’m interested in feedback and improving.

I posted on Livongo back in Sept at the beginning of this thread, and it didn’t get much of a response.

Lots of interest in the last few weeka.

What info would you have liked to see that I missed in my initial breakdown?



For those interested; TMF is doing a breakdown of LVGO today at 11 am on their live zoomcast.


I dont usually post here, still trying to absorb the knowledge base and the wealth of information shared on this board.

I was sent a scale from Livongo before the IPO and dont remember the exact sequence of how or why I was chosen. I do remember having difficulty deciding if I was going to sign up. I tried to have my wife added to my account but was told she would have to apply herself. Not remembering, even back then how I managed to stumble on to Livongo we were never able to make that happen.
I finally relented and I am glad I did.

My AC1 number was always borderline Pre Diabetic, my Doc told me not to worry, that he had never seen an AC1 number that was as consistent as mine was go higher into full blown Diabetes.

In the little over a year that I have been a member/ client not sure what its called, I have lost 30lbs and actually gotten my AC1 number lower for the first time in about 15 years. The only service I have used so far, is the scale. Weighing myself almost everyday and an counting my steps with an addon step counter. I haven’t availed myself of any of the other coaching options offered.

I wouldn’t base my experience on with either investing or use of the App to urge someone to buy sell or hold, but even in todays crazy up/down market I am up 75% and I only started purchasing in May



Glenn Tullman, Founder and CEO of Livongo, was on Jim Cramer’s Mad Money this afternoon (7/14/20). Summary bullet points below

  • Credit Suisse initiated coverage and issued an Outperform rating after market today, with a near term price target of $132 price target (LVGO up 3.7% after market)
  • CS Announcement below
    Credit Suisse analyst Jailendra Singh initiated coverage of Livongo Health with an Outperform rating and $132 price target. The company operates in a “highly underpenetrated and growing” chronic care market, Singh tells investors in a research note. The analyst believes Livongo is “barely scratching the surface” in a market which the company sizes at $46.7B. This estimate is conservative as Livongo uses chronic disease prevalence and population estimates using 2015 data, which have moved exponentially higher today, says Singh. The analyst also sees “several other areas” of chronic care management that are largely underpenetrated where Livongo has yet to enter.

Read more at:

  • Jim Cramer suggests yesterday’s price was an incredible buying opportunity at sub $100: Still a buying opportunity at today’s prices
  • LVGO has a large client base (and growing significantly, hinted a blowout # on August 6) and clients with a large number of members, including but not limited to: Amazon, Kaiser Permanente, Amazon, Target, the US Federal Government
  • Example: US Federal government is just one customer, but has over 7M Federal employees (including GEHA)
  • On August 6th earnings call, expect to hear LVGO to share a large increase in number of customers
  • Livongo plays in a space they are calling: “Consumer Directed Virtual Care”, which has a huge TAM
  • Livongo has very modest penetration in a $47B market TAM, based on conservative market data (circa 2015).
  • Livongo is a “1 to many” telehealth play (as compared to a doctor-patient interaction, which is 1:1) so fast penetration into large TAM market can be levered.
  • Works hand-in-hand with Teledoc