Some notes on LVGO

Livongo is an information technology company that uses its software platform to improve the health of patients with chronic conditions, including hypertension, diabetes and weight issues.

Tchalla did a great write-up of LVGO on this board in September….


Market Cap $2,497
Revenue (TTM) $141 +123%
P/S 17.7
YoY Revenue Growth 156% Q2, 148% Q3
Gross Margin 69.4% Q2, 75.0% Q3
Note: Gross margin is on the low end of Saul’s 70%-90% range.
Adjusted EBITDA ($8.1) Q2, ($3.9) Q3

The lockup expires January 20.

LVGO website:



Just a bit of added trivia:

  • LVGO is a Fool-recommended company but with very little exposure even within the relatively obscure Fool service.

  • I sent a summary (not quite as in-depth as tchalla’s) to Bert some time ago, but he didn’t respond. Perhaps not in his wheelhouse or perhaps he wasn’t sufficiently impressed. One particular negative that I’ll highlight: The company provides a bit of hardware to each patient for monitoring purposes. I expect that will keep margins out of the 90% range…maybe they’ll just top out in the 80%s. :slight_smile: The big positive: Clients (the companies buying this service on behalf of their employees) see rapid first year payback in terms of reduced health costs.

  • LVGO is a 3.4% position in our own portfolio.

I would VERY much recommend that folks read the short thread at the link wrciii provided.

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I am relatively new to MF, and there are a number of posts here mentioning to lock up, which has not been a factor in my entry assessment process. Are some ticker examples or articles that offer info on the significance of these events?


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