I came across this piece on SA. Thought it would be interesting to the board

Livongo And The Massive Potential Of Empowering Patients…

Overall, patients are very satisfied with their experience using Livongo for Diabetes, with 88% reporting a positive experience. Win for patients. Win for insurers. Win for overall healthcare costs. Very few new products in the medical field provide such value to all participants.



I’m a big fan of lvgo, it’s a 12% position for me. I believe it has a very long runway, not as expensive compared to SAAS stock, less than 4B market cap and lots of new areas for their technology.


I’m a big fan of lvgo

Me too. Diabetes is a big deal for aging people. One of those “megatrends” in a growing and aging population. The “customers” are the patients, spending the insurance company’s money, and the insurance company sees it as reducing their overall costs. The product is a robo-nanny, tracking the patient’s health details, blood sugar etc.

This is a decent quick intro on a non-paid fool site…