LVGO's quarter

While LVGO’s market may have it’s limitations in the long-run based on a finite number of customers/clients, their quarter was pretty incredible

Revenue grew 125% yoy from 40,915 to 91,923. An acceleration from 115% last quarter
Adj gross margin improved yoy from 70.76% to 77.26%
Adj op margin improved yoy from (32.16%) to 12.95%
Adj net margin improved yoy from (31.72%) to 13.64%
Adj eps improved yoy from (0.40) to 0.11
Adj ebitda improved yoy from (7021) to 13,343
CFFO improved yoy from (39,961) to (3,600)
Added clients improved yoy from 758 to 1328, 75% growth
Enrolled diabetes members improved from 192,934 to 410,270, 112% growth

Perhaps, all moot given the merger. But for me, this simplifies it for now:…

I personally don’t want to own TDOC, but they grew revenue yoy 85% this quarter and we have another quarter’s results that will be released before year-end when the merger is potentially finalized. So while I don’t want to own TDOC, anyone who does is now (potentially) getting LVGO’s numbers

(long LVGO ~15% for now but likely not for long)