LXP Suspends Strategic Review and Falls 16%

Noticed that LXP has fallen 16% today. LXP has announced suspending its look at strategic alternatives - selling?


LXP also provided 2022 guidance of EPS of $.31-.35 and AFFO of $.64-.68.

I currently own no LXP, but it is my mother’s largest REIT holding.

Amazing how much stock prices can rise or fall on what to me is a relatively unimportant announcement.

Yesterday, HPQ rose 16% after it was announced that Buffett/BRK had acquired a $4 billion or 11% stake.

HPQ became my largest holding yesterday, up from 3rd.


what looked like a good deal at 3% is suddenly not so good at 5%. Separately there is no junk bond issue in Europe for over 50+ days.