Macro Economic Trends and Risks

I’m trying to add a tag to follow and I can’t figure it out. Forgive me, but I don’t think it’s me, I think it’s this crazy setup.

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I added a bookmark on my browser for METAR and other TMF discussion boards I visit. That way, I don’t need to know how to do it with this new Foolish system.


Hi @WilliB

Where are you trying to add and tag and which one - maybe I can help out.

@waterfell that works too…but the sidebar is really handy, especially if you used to use

Willi, I pinned the thread to appear at the top.

I can see how to add tags for boards that are a stock…such as Berkshire. I don’t see how to add a tag for a board like METAR. Seems like not the right way to create a browser link for each.


Hi Mike

So, tags=companies, caetgories=boards (simply put) so, to track something like METAR, click the Edit sign next to the word CATEGORIES in the left sidebar and in the Categories Drop Down, search for METAR (you’ll have to spell it out) then click save. After that, any new topics or replies will cause a link next to METAR on the sidebar


Just figured out the tags, the category is more important. Change the category and then find the Macro…then x out the investment club category and save. This saves the metar as a category.