Macroeconomics, geopolitics, and religion are not the topics to bring up at the next family gathering

Estonia has decided not to extend the residence permit of Metropolitan Eugene of the Estonian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate who will have to leave the country by February 6. The interior minister believes Eugene’s activities pose a threat to national security.

“Estonia decided to refuse to renew Metropolitan Eugene or Valeri Reshetnikov’s residence permit because his public actions and statements support the aggressor, and he has not altered his conduct despite past warnings,” Indrek Aru, head of the border guard bureau of the North Prefecture of the PPA, said in a press release.

Representatives of the Ministry of the Interior have repeatedly met with Reshetnikov to explain to him that he needs to stop vindicating the Kremlin regime and Russia’s military actions in his statements. But despite past warnings, Reshetnikov has not altered his conduct, which is found to be incompatible with Estonia’s values and legal environment. That is why Reshetnikov’s actions pose a threat to security," the PPA said.