Magic Finger of God on the market scale

Just sayin’


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The really seems to have started around 1:30, when the POTUS was speaking. So, Mr Market’s takeaway is probably either that the sanctions are “better than expected” and will not hurt rope selling profits too badly, or that the Fed will crank up the crack supply again to offset the drag from the war and sanctions.



Oh. I thought this was going to be about this:

Russia’s richest 22 billionaires have lost $39 billion in one day after the invasion of Ukraine

Russia's richest citizens lost $39 billion collectively in the day after their country attacked Ukraine.
The wealth wipeout came on Thursday, after Moscow's benchmark MOEX Russia Index crashed and closed 33% lower.
The biggest loser was Vagit Alekperov, chairman of Moscow-based oil company Lukoil, who lost $6.2 billion.…

I can think of some finger tropes, but “God” doesn’t figure in to them.