The Ruble since Crimea…

if you have the NYT, the chart in this story shows the fall in the Ruble beginning around the time of Putin taking back the Crimea.

His actions are killing the oligarch’s wallets.


His actions are killing the oligarch’s wallets.

Only a bit. Remember, they pay rubles (for labor, materials, etc) and get paid in anything BUT rubles.


Their pay just got frozen with this latest drop.

Stability in Russia is out the window. They may be next out the window.

Even with out a subscription this link should let you see the chart.…

The chart tells the story.

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His actions are killing the oligarch’s wallets

Most of them have got their ill gotten gains out of Russia long ago - London is full of their money

Novel way of fighting back:

A Ukrainian sailor has admitted trying to sink a yacht owned by the head of a Russian state arms firm, in retaliation for the invasion of Ukraine.

The 48m (157ft) Lady Anastasia, which belongs to Rosoboronexport director general Alexander Mikheev, was docked in Majorca in Spain when the mechanic opened valves in its engine room.