Mandiant and Sentinel One Partnership

-I’m no cybersecurity expert but this looks like good news for SentinelOne

A few highlights

“Mandiant (formerly FireEye - before they sold off the name and division last summer) disclosed a new partnership with cyber firm SentinelOne, a key part of which involves Mandiant using SentinelOne’s Singularity XDR platform as part of its IR work.”

“SentinelOne is, among other things, a fast-growing challenger to Microsoft and its security business aspirations.”

“SentinelOne is better equipped for the unique needs of every organization with support for modern and legacy operating systems and feature parity across Windows, macOS, and Linux.”"

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“We’re proud that Mandiant has selected SentinelOne as a strategic alliance partner to help their team of expert incident responders perform incident response engagements,” said Nicholas Warner, COO at SentinelOne. “The Singularity XDR platform was built to rapidly deploy, detect, and respond to attacks - autonomously - making incident response faster. SentinelOne is quickly becoming the incident response technology standard, favored by leading cyber security services providers. Mandiant’s IR expertise and legacy validates our capabilities and market position.”

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It should be noted as well there are rumors that Microsoft may be in negotiations to purchase Mandiant. Although this is still just rumors, it could still be very positive for SentinelOne. Link provided below:…


When FireEye split into Trellix and Mandia, all the detection software/appliance (endpoint EDR, cloud XDR, email, network, etc.) all went with Trellix. Mandia has their own homegrown forensic tools for IR that are highly custom and evolving to daily demands of zero day exploits. But when Mandia enters a new IR situation (and they are the best with international recognition), a general immediate install of detection software is usually included to round out their investigation. It seems that Sentinel now address that need and not Trellix. The use of Sentinel probably does not have a direct benefit to revenue. But once the IR firefighting service is complete, many times the enterprise wants the software service to remain. In this case, albeit that Mandia will make the sale as a 3rd party for Sentinel. So Sentinel may get revenue and recognition. This is the same business model that was suppose to work miracles with the 2014 acquisition of Mandiant by FireEye.

So yes there is good synergy here and benefit to Sentinel, but how much it moves the needle for Sentinel remains to be seen.