SentinelOne Expands Singularity Marketplace

i like the recent headlines on SentinelOne … Expand expand expand!!

Growing partnerships and platform products.

SentinelOne Expands Singularity Marketplace with New MDR, SIEM, SOAR, and Asset Management Integrations
Wed, April 13, 2022

Arctic Wolf, LogRhythm, and Noetic Cyber Join XDR Marketplace to Expand Cybersecurity Use Case Offerings

The Singularity Marketplace allows organizations to leverage SentinelOne’s best in class XDR technology for diverse cybersecurity use cases.

“We’re happy to see new cybersecurity innovators joining the Singularity Marketplace ecosystem,” said Mike Petronaci, VP Product & Platform, SentinelOne. “Automation is one of SentinelOne’s core design principles, and the Singularity Marketplace enables our customers to automate more and benefit from our open XDR platform.”

*** Streamlined Security Operations with Arctic Wolf

Odin Olson, Vice President of Business Development, Arctic Wolf. “Singularity XDR takes a modern approach to simplifying a customer’s threat-defense platform, and Arctic Wolf provides premier security operations across a customer’s security footprint…”

***Centralize Data Collection and Automation with LogRhythm

Mike Dalgleish, VP, Field Engineering & Partner Strategy, LogRhythm. “SentinelOne’s autonomous XDR platform is best-in-class in providing customers peace of mind that their enterprise assets are secure…”

***Improved Cybersecurity Asset Management with Noetic Cyber

“Through this innovative partnership with SentinelOne, we are able to jointly address security coverage gaps and automatically correct misconfigured endpoints that could otherwise leave organizations vulnerable,” said Paul Ayers, CEO, Noetic Cyber.…

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