$MCD Breakout & Downtrend Reversal


Downtrend reversal on the $MCD daily chart taking place after the Russia closings factored into the price. Still, below 20, 50 and 200 EMAs.



p.s. $MCD Don’t forget this is one of the rare American companies which clawed back money from an ex-CEO who hid malfeasance from the board:

Their customers are notoriously price sensitive. Rising prices are expected to impact sales.

Can they successfully pass through cost increases to keep up with inflation.

Frachisees report when gas prices rise hamburger sales fall as gas is more important to teens.

Good points, Paul. I’ll probably exit this trade today with a 2.5% or so win.

Yeah, I just closed this 3-day old trade with a 2.40% win.

Buying more $WEAT and maybe some more $BOIL