McDonald’s Makes New Pitch to Inflation-Weary Eaters: A Meal for $5

I was a big fan of the $1 Menu, the $5 Menu, not so much.


Translation: We, like everybody else, used the pandemic excuse to goose prices and now that’s come back to bite us in the keister. Customers are staying away in droves because we got greedy, so now we have to grovel and beg them to come back, but now that we’ve managed to alienate them we’re gonna need a lot of luck to make it happen.


WSJ paywall. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

“Translation: We, like everybody else, used the pandemic excuse to goose prices, because we are entitled to every nickle our customers have”.

Recall the post a few days ago. While everyone raised prices to a degree, Mickey D’s raised their prices the most, a 100% increase. Remember when a big Coke at Micky D’s was $1? That was the price for years. Last year it became $1.36. This year, it’s something like $1.67. Still cheap, compared to $2-$3 that other places charge, but, percentagewise, a steep rate of increase.


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McD 's food is pretty bad. About the only thing I liked was an egg mcmuffin, and that was when it was cheap. I do not remember the last time I purchased food at a McD, it’s been a couple of years, so am clueless on their current pricing. I will drink their coffee if I’m in a huge rush and can’t make it at home, but that is a rarity. It’s actually a benefit to society that fast food joints have jacked up their prices, less of their product will be consumed.


Yep. Once people realize they can live without a product, they realize that they can live without the product.



People are funny about their lifestyle. I have commented before about my coworkers, who would buy the biggest SUV they could make the payments on, and use the remote start to run the thing in the parking lot for 10-15 minutes before they leave the office for the day so it would be suitably warmed or cooled for them, then cry a river about how much they spend on gas.



$1.70 here. Burger King"s large coke is ~$3.50!

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Tuesday I bought a McDouble [$2.50] and a large diet coke [1.70] for lunch.
Senior coffee are 54 cents down here. I have always liked their coffee.


Unlike Mickey D’s, BK can be pretty generous with coupons. I had BK several days ago: Whopper, big Coke, big fries, for, iirc $7 with the coupon. The BKs around here have a survey offer on the back of the register tape: do the survey, then order medium (they no longer have a “small”) Coke and medium fries, and get a Whopper free. Pretty good feed for $6.

Arby’s is usually pretty generous with coupons too.

I can go into Wendy’s or Arby’s and have a sandwich and a “senior drink”, for a couple bux less than a meal, and forego the grease in the fries. The “senior drink” uses a very small cup, for 50 cents, but what does it matter what size the cup is, if you can refill it as many times as you want, free? Arby’s has been running, for a couple months now, a two sandwich for $6 offer, so I have two roast beef sandwiches and a geezer drink, for about $7, including tax.

Wendy’s has had their “biggie bag” meal offer for a couple years now. Thing is, it always includes some deep fried chicken nuggets. I’ll pass on the extra grease in the fried nuggets.

I do see coupons from Wendy’s a couple times a year.

It has been a couple years, since I saw any coupons from Mickey D’s.

Mickey D’s seems to have Welchism painted all over it: worst quality food, worst customer service, fewest coupons, biggest price increases. Then there was the piece posted here a few months ago, about how MCD corporate requires the franchisees to all buy milkshake machines from one particular vendor. The machines are labor intensive to maintain, break down often, and are expensive to repair, but the franchisees are required to pay all those costs. The book of Welch says corporate is being paid a “commission” from the machine vendor, to force people to buy the bogus machines, which makes corporate’s numbers look better.


Maybe McD does their coupons mostly inside their app? Apparently they’ve moved a lot of their sales into the app.

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I still buy their ice cream cones. Used to be 35 cents only 12 years ago. Now they are $1.81 in the lower priced shops. Up to $2.65 in some shops.

I know why MCD sales are down. Perhaps an MBA can kill the clown. I am sure the MBA will get a bonus in the process.

Safeway was selling 2-litre bottles of generic Diet Cola for 84 cents last week. And if you’re ambitious, you can drag the empty across the River to Oregon and capture a 10 cent bottle deposit.


Diet Coke at BK is not bottled. The cost to BK is far lower than the 2-litre bottle.

$12 for a Big Mac combo is too much. BK has coupons for $8 Whopper combo. Burgers seem to be getting smaller. And more promotions for chicken sandwiches.

The $5 lunch seems to attract much attention but premium sandwiches are still out there and often heavily advertised.

Mickey D can always bring back McRib for another run.

All young people are very rich until they look at a life time’s medical bills, their schooling costs, their housing costs, and their retirement costs.

Suddenly MCD does not beat cooking.

Speaking of which, I have some chicken roasting right now along with carrots. I forgot to pick up a small potato to throw into the mix. My cost $4 or less including a pot of a fine decaf French roast.

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Sam’s and Costco have rotissery chicken for under $5. That’s an inexpensive family meal.

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Get two so the kids can have enough dark meat.

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