Not sure how many still remember the discussion of Amazon’s invasion into ESTC’s and MDB’s fields a couple of years. How have the two names performed since then? IMO, AMZN is so invasive that it has become a handy tool for the big boys to manipulate stock prices.

As of today’s premarket MDB is up about 160% ytd. What I love about this message board is the breadth of experts. Brittlerock doesn’t post a lot but when he does; I listen. He once said about MDB that he’d seen this change in databases play out in the past and that boded well for MDB. I always remembered that quote and have kept an overweight in the name. For him and the many other generous contributors of this board, I thank you. You and of course Saul, will never know how much your comments ripple out in an ocean of information. Thank you again.



Looks like MDB is moving up quite a bit in the premarket again today because Morgan Stanley just increased their price target from $295 to $439! (Yesterday’s closing was $336)

I know price target moves are just noise that have no real impact on the value of a company, but that’s quite a huge raise, especially after Mongo has already moved up a lot these past few weeks since earnings.