Meanwhile across the pond...

Chicken ‘to become as expensive as beef’: Nando’s and KFC are ALREADY raising prices in new cost-of-living crisis price squeeze after cost of rearing poultry soars due to war in Ukraine

Chicken prices are rising faster than any protein - and could soon match beef

Fast food chains like Nando’s and KFC are already raising their prices

Chicken feed is made from sunflower oil which is seeing massive price hikes

Russia and Ukraine produce a third of the world’s wheat and grain - crucial to the production of the oil - and their war has resulted in particularly poor harvests…

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Also note that bird flu is attacking chicken flocks in the US.

Sunflower oil from Ukraine may be important in Europe but with abundant vegetable oils like soybean oil in the US i doubt its a major factor here.

All grain prices are up including corn and soybeans usually used to feed chickens.