Meet the new First Family of Argentina

Javier Milei edges Massa in runoff election to become President of Argentina

A bachelor, Milei sometimes consults his 5 cloned Mastiff puppies on policy.

Probably no worse than what we have here.



Fareed Zakaria newsletter's+Global+Briefing%2C+Nov.+21%2C+2023&utm_medium=email&bt_ee=I2T%2BnkNQy0RQy%2FlVt1nRUb3XMvlYBHTIHpm3FWEvY1V%2BZkpWZyUkKJp1oei9hmn6&bt_ts=1700609900642

Discusses Milei and the “pink tide” that’s been roiling LatAm.

{ *Not everyone agreed that this was about left-right politics: In a GPS conversation with Fareed in June 2022, Shannon K. O’Neil of the Council on Foreign Relations suggested the electoral wave was more about anti-incumbency and shaking things up, rather than leaning left.

Argentina’s weekend election seemed to support that latter theory.* }

“More about anti-incumbency and shaking things up” seems to fit much of our domestic situation , too.

I saw a YouTube a couple days ago with some clips of Milei. Milei is remarkably / shockingly vulgar on the big, public stage.

I’d heard/read third hand, that Milei was rude, and a brash “showman”, but hadn’t seen any video.
I can be rude and crude… I found the clips shocking for such a public figure.
As in “wow! Argentines want that kinda public activity from their President?”.

Seeing those clips added a whole new dimension to my “POV” of Argentina and Milei.


After a couple hours, YouTube demonetized that channel, and would not show that video. I assume this is in response to the vulgarity of the clips.
Demonetizing a channel is one way that Google uses to “influence/nudge” influencers to self monitor and self censor.

Yesterday, YouTube would not show me the video, but today, YouTube now shows me that influencer’s content.
Here’s the video. Beware, not workplace appropriate.
Hmmm… Even the thumbnail is likely too crude for some sensitive TMFers.
If you’re interested, go to YouTube, search
“Tom Nash What just happened in Argentina”.

I watched the Tom Nash video. It’s what I expected.

Just like our new House Speaker, Melei will need to govern much moderately than he campaigned to be successful.

He’s going to get a lot of push back from the Gov’t, and from what I’ve read, has few allies in either the Govt or the military.


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