mekong22 Nov 2020 Portfolio update

So…just WOW!

In terms of dollars, November was, by far, the most I’ve ever made in one month in my life. Each of the past few days my portfolio has hit new all time highs.

My YTD returns propelled this month from +50.1% at October 31st, up to +94.8% at the end of November. 94.8% even despite not owning ZM this year. Yeah, I’m definitely pinching myself right now.

A big part of this month’s rise was my biggest holding, The Trade Desk, announcing earnings and the stock price rose from $566 at the end of October, to $901 at the end of November!

And my new position in Magnite has increased +92% in the three weeks since I first purchased shares (and some calls) in early November. I put 6.1% of my portfolio into MGNI in the second week of Nov and it’s already grown to 10.8%, even despite the rest of the portfolio growing quite a bit over the past few weeks too.

My monthly results:

End of Jan   +15.5%
End of Feb    +7.0%
End of Mar   -20.0%
End of Apr    +0.6%
End of May   +27.0%
End of Jun   +40.0%
End of Jul   +48.7%
End of Aug   +57.0%
End of Sep   +50.9%
End of Oct   +50.1%
End of Nov   +94.8%

My portfolio allocations at the end of November and comparison to the prior month:

     10/31/2020	11/30/2020
TTD    16.9%	  18.7%
NTNX   15.2%	  14.9%
MDB    13.3%	  13.4%
MGNI     -	  10.8%
DDOG   15.0%	   8.8%
AYX    13.9%	   8.6%
DOCU	5.5%	   6.5%
GH	6.7%	   5.2%
CRWD 	3.9%	   4.1%
SMAR	 -	   3.2%
AMZN	3.6%	   2.9%
ESTC 	1.7%	   1.8%
KMI 	0.4%	   0.6%
TDOC	3.8%	   0.5%

I had updated my portfolio summary on November 11th which explained most of the changes I made in early November (I haven’t changed much since then), so this still pretty well covers my thinking, including my new positions in Magnite and Smartsheets, and the reductions in AYX, DDOG, and TDOC:…

and this was my original Magnite writeup from November 9th when I first bought in:…

On the surface, it looks like a big number of holdings, 14 companies now, although that last 3% in Amazon I’m just holding until after the new year for tax reasons as it’s almost all capital gains. And the three small positions in ESTC, KMI, and TDOC are some call options that I’m likely to hold onto. So in reality, I view it as just the 10 larger holdings to actively manage.

When I sell the AMZN, it will nearly all go toward my large 2020 tax bill. Almost a third of my NTNX holding, 5% of the portfolio, are in Jan’21 calls, which have done quite well for me. I’ll need to sell those at some time in Dec or Jan (they are mostly in IRA’s so not tax consequences). I might be tempted to reallocate a portion of that back into TDOC again. I could also see myself adding more to DOCU or SMAR depending how their upcoming earnings look, and the stock price reactions.

There’s not too much else to say right now so I won’t go through each company in detail this month again. The shift to programatic advertising (TTD, MGNI) has had a wonderful impact on my returns recently, and I really believe both of these companies are just getting started.

Lots more earnings coming up for my companies in the next week or so (CRWD, ESTC, DOCU, SMAR, and MDB).

This has truly been a mind-blowingly good year for our investments, and I can’t possibly thank Saul and everyone, whose contributions have impacted my knowledge and decision making, in this wonderful community, enough. Someone I know that doesn’t follow this board told me last week that their YTD returns just finally turned positive for 2020 in November, and it makes me realize how fortunate we have it to identify and discuss these companies with such great minds.


and fyi, for those of you with newsletter subscriptions and access to the premium boards, I’ve mentioned these two posts on Trade Desk and Magnite by Tom G previously, but don’t think I ever actually linked them. So here they are incase anyone couldn’t find them:…