METARs, please follow the rules!

I am leaving today for a trip to the East Coast to visit my brother and sister.

While away, please follow the METAR rules! No politics, be nice to each other.

I don’t want to need rubber gloves to clean up a mess on the board, which has happened when I took time off.

The Control Panel looks terrible. I don’t think it will turn around in a week. But even though the charts and sentiment are bad, financial stress is pretty low so I don’t think there will be a financial crisis in the next week. VIX is high and rising so there might be a nasty stock market but that’s not the same as a financial crisis. :slight_smile:
Have fun, everyone!


Safe travels Wendy!! :+1:


:slight_smile: have a fun trip :slight_smile:

Keep an eye on that Jeff fellow - he might start cooking up a storm :wink:

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Yeah when I am in trouble I know to blame Jeff. LOL

@Leap1 - It wasn’t a blame comment.

The comment was literal - Jeff likes to cook and I was suggesting Wendy might enjoy a good meal, or two, … or more, while visiting.


Just joking. But I did forget the cook in Jeff.

Jeff does not use as much butter as he might. LOL

Jeff truly is a great cook. But since this is his 50th Anniversary party, it didn’t seem appropriate to hand him an apron and put him to work. :wink: The family is treating Jeff and his lovely bride this time around. :slight_smile: