Mexico: Nearshoring provides rapid growth

I notice Latin American funds such as FLATX seems to be in an uptrend. Perhaps anticipating that growth.


I am watching the peso climb against the dollar as corporations all over the world are buying land and hiring people and building factories and offices in Mexico.

It is very real. I see it out my window every time I go through Leon Bajio airport.

david fb


Maybe the people escaping from places like Guatemala can find a place where they are welcome and can live in peace?



A smart play would have been to buy land around Orlando back when Disney first started DisneyWorld. It was an economic engine which lifted that entire area (which prior had been swampland and orchards.) Might be the same thing now with land across the border, as “near shoring” looks like it will be a thing for some time to come.


One word: Water.
Two words: Climate change



Yes, water is a crux problem, and Mexico’s bizarre ruling elites overwhelmingly have their heads stuck deep into the drying sands…like most of the rest of the world.

Water rights worldwide are an archaic leftover from the days before electric pumps could suck water from deep deep in the earth, thus absorbing aquifers spread of thousands of square miles. The stupid misuse of this precious resource is mindblowing.

The water where I live (and where I have durable water rights) is rapidly decaying in quality as the aquifer has fallen to a level with significant arsenic and many heavy metals. Meanwhile wealthy landowners use their rights to pump water to grow alfalfa and broccoli for sale to rich horse people and to the gringos up north.

david fb