MF Deep Dive Into ZoomInfo

I’ve been researching ZI recently and I found this discussion from last Sept with Dylan Lewis and Brian Feroldi informative.

Feroldi: . . . And as somebody that was in sales myself for over 10 years, I can firsthand attest just how hard it is to obtain that information. You have to imagine – Dylan, imagine you’re a new sales rep, and you’re working for a company and your boss says, “Hey, go sell to Boeing, we went Boeing as a customer.” And you walk up to Boeing’s headquarters. What do you do, who do you contact, how do you get to the right person? I mean, there are so many barriers in place for salespeople to reach the appropriate person. And I just spent a huge amount of my time trying to figure out exactly the information that ZoomInfo provides. So, I really see value in what this company is trying to do.

Feroldi: Yeah. And again, as a salesperson, I can tell you firsthand, I spent a tremendous amount of my time trying to figure out the information here. So, what ZoomInfo’s platform does is it provides paying customers with org charts for over 14 million businesses out there. So, this platform is really geared at salespeople that are in the business-to-business avenue, not so much business-to-consumer. But again, Dylan: Let’s say you’re a sales rep, and you’re out there and you want to get to make Boeing a customer. Through ZoomInfo, you can buy Boeing’s organizational chart and you can see who reports to who, you can see what products they’re currently using, you can see the timing of when their upgrade cycles are, and you can get the contact information at that organization so you can reach the people that you need to reach. That is unbelievably valuable information.…


The team updated listeners on Friday’s episode of Industry Focus…

As a bonus - you get their thoughts on C3AI and Snowflake

Spoiler Alert - one of them thinks ZI is the best stock of the 3 for the next 1-3 years…


From the OP referenced TMF Deep Dive Into ZoomInfo website:…

Lewis: One of the things we always like to look at, Brian, especially in the software space, but really with almost any business, particularly younger ones is, you know, what does the customer base look like, is this a business that has customer consolidation, is that a risk for this company? What’s the story there?
Feroldi: The answer there is, thankfully, “no.” As of the most recent quarter, 16,000 total paying customers, none of them accounted for more than 1% of sales. And again, they have some really big names in there. They called out Google, Amazon, Zoom, Citrix, Zendesk, T-Mobile, over 630 customers in total that will spend more than $100,000 with them this year. And 15 that will spend over $1 million this year.
Another metric that they actually point out is that they have 82,000 “fanatic users,” which are users that basically use their product over 100 times per year to look at records, to explore, to do searches. And they call out that the people that are really heavy users of our products are going to allow us to drive viral demand down the road as they move around and evangelize the product.

Here’s my deeper dive.

ZoomInfo provides the following website: Check out the [my insert 89] case studies below to see how companies like yours use ZoomInfo to achieve successful business outcomes.

I selected one biggie, Zoom Video Communications (ZM), which was aforementioned in the TMF article, and a relatively small unknown, TentCraft, both of which also provide vivid examples that complement Saul’s post “Sales and Marketing Expense” that posited That seemed to me to show a profound lack of knowledge, no, not lack of knowledge, but lack of reflection, about what Sales and Marketing is, what all that huge S&M expense is for, what sales and marketing people do all day long. That’s what sales and marketing is for our companies: contacting people who don’t know you yet, to tell them that you have a product that can improve their company’s business.

Zoom Video Communications
How one customer’s increase in usage contributes to significant revenue growth
Within the first year of the relationship, Zoom increased its number of ZoomInfo licenses by 1,050%. During that same year, Zoom’s revenue grew by 300%.
90% of Zoom’s sales team relies on ZoomInfo…

Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy- to-use, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, voice, chat, and webinars across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems.

Industry: Technology

Zoom’s sales team asks the right questions. ZoomInfo’s depth of data gives answers.

When the team at Zoom began using ZoomInfo, their primary goal was to use the platform to penetrate their target accounts more deeply and, within those accounts, expand their level of influence. Rich Adams, Manager, Sales Tools Strategy at Zoom, considers the platform extremely reliable for helping his team do just that.

“Say I get an inbound lead from an IT admin,” said Adams. “That’s great that I’ve got the lead, but now I have questions. Who are the decision-makers? Who do they report to? Where do they sit? How close am I to someone in the organization who can actually make the decision to buy Zoom?”

Because of the level of depth and granularity of ZoomInfo’s data, explained Adams, he and his team can get answers to these questions quickly and with minimal effort. “We needed a solution that would help us identify the right people in the right departments, find their contact information, build pipeline, and close deals,” said Adams. “And consequently, that was ZoomInfo.”

As Zoom’s usage of ZoomInfo grows, so does its revenue.?
It didn’t take long for the team at Zoom to see the value in ZoomInfo. As a result, they were confident in their decision to expand their use case and rely more heavily on ZoomInfo to support all sales initiatives.

Within the first year of the partnership, Zoom increased its number of ZoomInfo licenses by 1,050%. That same year, Zoom grew their revenue by 300%. “We went from segment to segment and trained all the teams on how they would use ZoomInfo for their specific prospecting motion,” said Adams.

As Zoom has continued to grow and release new products, ZoomInfo has remained a core piece of their go-to-market strategy. “Now that we have Zoom Phone, we’re talking to different people,” Adams explained. “As we expand into new markets—as well as international territories— we need to have the tools that allow our reps to penetrate those markets. ZoomInfo has been instrumental in this effort.”

Since Zoom first adopted the ZoomInfo platform, they have increased their number of licenses by 5,900%. Of the people who make up their sales teams, 90% use ZoomInfo.

“We have very aggressive revenue growth targets,” Adams said. “And so far, we have absolutely needed ZoomInfo in order to meet and exceed those goals.”

“We have very aggressive revenue growth targets,” said Rich Adams, Manager, Sales Tools Strategy at Zoom. “And so far, we have absolutely needed ZoomInfo in order to meet and exceed those goals.”

Looking to the future with greater, deeper intelligence and new features

The ability to find out which Technologies prospects are using, source inside updates collected by ZoomInfo’s personal research team (called Scoops), and receive Alerts on those updates in real time are among the ZoomInfo features that Adams deems hugely beneficial, and are part of the reason why, he says, “The number of ways our teams use the ZoomInfo platform just keeps on increasing.”



How TentCraft used ZoomInfo to pivot their go-to-market strategy after COVID-19
100 Number of contracts signed in the first month of targeting a new industry
$2 Million Amount of revenue booked after losing $600,000 of contracts to COVID-19 cancellations

TentCraft is a manufacturer of custom tents for major events like South by Southwest, NCAA Basketball Tournament and Taylor Swift concerts.

Industry: Marketing & Advertising

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Matt Bulloch, President and Founder of TentCraft, watched in real-time as the demand for his company’s services evaporated almost overnight.
TentCraft, a company that manufactures custom tents and structures for large scale entertainment events, lost $600,000 of their anticipated March revenue when the pandemic disrupted the event industry. “I realized in order to avoid financial disaster, we would need to pivot—and quickly,” explained Bulloch.
After realizing their quick-deploy tents and structures could be converted to emergency shelters for triage, coronavirus testing and overflow capacity, Bulloch told his employees that they were going to completely retool the company. They would pivot their core business to support the healthcare system and their products would help save lives.
With ZoomInfo already in their arsenal, TentCraft knew they had access to the deepest and highest quality B2B data intelligence in the market. “We had no experience selling to the healthcare industry but thanks to ZoomInfo we knew it would be possible,” explained Bulloch.
Already having experienced the power of ZoomInfo’s sales intelligence, Bulloch reached out to ZoomInfo to upgrade their subscription in order to get more data on healthcare and hospital administrators. “ZoomInfo said, we love what you’re doing and we’ll give you the additional access you need to support the cause,” explained Bulloch.
Thanks to ZoomInfo, TentCraft was able to quickly connect with decision makers at healthcare organizations. In the first month of the pivot, they went into contract with over 100 healthcare facilities—an industry they had no prior experience with.
TentCraft is continuing to create products that are doing good for people across the country. They have been able to retain their employees and prop up our business when it could have completely collapsed.
“COVID-19 completely disrupted our core business. Over $600,000 of revenue disappeared in March alone—but ZoomInfo allowed us to pivot with speed and agility. In the first two months of the pivot we booked over $2 million in revenue, and April was our largest revenue month of all time. Without ZoomInfo, this wouldn’t have been possible,” said Bulloch.


Regarding another question, Is ZoomInfo Legal?…

ZoomInfo is legal because its collection processes only aggregate business-related data, such as work email addresses or the job titles of a company’s employees. Generally speaking, lawmakers view information of this type differently than more sensitive information like browser history, health or financial information, or any other information about a person in a family or household capacity – which ZoomInfo does not collect or share. We also employ an internal team dedicated to proactively monitoring our data and research practices to ensure alignment with all relevant data protection and privacy laws, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). If at any point an individual wishes to have their information removed from ZoomInfo’s database, they may do so by contacting us via our public privacy policy.
Go to above website to read how ZoomInfo comply with two major regulations: the CCPA and the GDPR.