Mil-Indu-stupid complex and...


I grew up around rocket science, lived at Cape Canaveral, and rejoiced with the Apollo project. Then NASA moved to Houston and became a total slave of the military space industrial complex and Congressional love of idiot heroic spaceman Bread and Circuses.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX ended one huge chunk of that stupidity, but only barely. The above link gives the story.

david fb


Time to privatize NASA?

Time to let SpaceX, BlueOrigin, Virgin Galactic, and others do the job?

The Captain


Cost overruns will continue to be a well padded opportunity for infrastructure and assist platforms, buildings and service vehicles. Even as we bring the rocket and actual transportation into the private markets, there is an ubiquitous host of facility that remains well funded pork - and opportunity for the .gov contractors to hand their hat on.

What will it cost to build X? Well, 1.2X the cost, minimum. We’ll give you a discount if you let us design the specs and throw in a visitor complex and museum!